Don’t Say Diet is a frame of mind and a way of life. Letting go of yo-yo dieting and taking six common sense steps towards food which put you in charge of food.

Find your ideal weight without restriction, learn to eat what you love and love what you eat. Get to the root of why you need to constantly diet. Exchange old habits for new.

Let go of emotional eating and learn to eat healthily and happily.

Deprivation and Diets

One of my clients said that dieting is “deprivation followed by gorging followed by self loathing”.  Sad to say that I think she summed up dieting good and proper. With Don’t Say Diet II always encourage people to eat what … Read More


Our success with weight loss comes from changing our habits around food.  What do you do when you come in from work?  Do you go straight to the fridge or cupboard?  Do you eat when you are cooking?  Do you … Read More