My name is Christine and I have a passion for helping people to get the best out of their lives. I have spent the last few years helping people to lose weight by exploring their inner selves. As a result of this many underlying issues come fourth and it’s clear that whether we are over weight or not, many of us are not living life to the full for various reasons, some of them from out-dated or limiting beliefs, causing lack of confidence and low self esteem, all sorts of blocks and fears that can often easily be changed.

Because I love helping people so much, I am always investigating new ideas and helpful techniques.  I looked at CBT and decided that it was worth learning much more and so I did the training and became a certified CBT therapist.  I totally agree with the concept of automatic thoughts creating feelings that limit us and CBT can help to interrupt those patterns and bring in more positive thinking which helps our over all mental wellbeing.