CBT and Diets

As a CBT therapist I have many people come to me for weight issues, but before I can help them with their bodies, I need to help them with their minds.

I have been over weight myself and been on many diets and I can say that they just don’t work – it’s obvious really isn’t it?  If they did we wouldn’t need to keep going back.

Dieting pulls in all of the negative things we feel about ourselves, guilt, shame and the need to confess our eating sins.  We talk in negative ways about ourselves ‘I’ve been bad” if we ate a slice of cake.  We think we can’t eat out, we comfort eat and then loathe ourselves so over eat again.

At the heart of this is that we are giving them responsibility of our eating to someone else and as long as we do this then we will be forever on a diet.

I help people to enjoy food again, to understand about choices,  to eat what they love without feeling guilty but more importantly to be responsible for their own eating habits which makes them feel great.