Our success with weight loss comes from changing our habits around food.  What do you do when you come in from work?  Do you go straight to the fridge or cupboard?  Do you eat when you are cooking?  Do you finish your children’s left overs?  Do you always buy a chocolate bar when you get petrol?  So many things and areas for change.

An event (bad day at work) triggers an automatic thought (I need comfort) making us feel like eating and then our action is to ‘over eat”.   Then we feel bad about ourselves and so we eat some more.  You see the cycle?

As a CBT therapist I have helped people to pause before the “action” they automatically take  and ask themselves  “what can I do differently today?”  This is the start of  those crucial changes of habits.

It may be difficult at first to even remember to do it so don’t beat yourself up if at first you keep forgetting, use post it notes or simple reminders and then soon these new things will become your new  habits.

It’s that simple!