Deprivation and Diets

One of my clients said that dieting is “deprivation followed by gorging followed by self loathing”.  Sad to say that I think she summed up dieting good and proper.

With Don’t Say Diet II always encourage people to eat what they love, never to deprive themselves.

Think about it, we only feel the need to gorge on cake or crisps or chocolate – whatever it is because we feel we can’t have it and therefore we want to eat as much as we can before we have to then stop eating it again.  Of course then we feel like we’ve failed, some weight returns and we feel terrible about ourselves.  This is nonsense and a bad way to live our lives.

It’s all about amounts, if you know that you can eat anything any time you like. then the feeling of deprivation is no longer there and we can eat small amounts of what we love when we feel the need and not in some frantic must have stock pile.

If you are following a diet and there is something you can’t have in that programme then you will ultimately want it even more, think about it even more and eventually give in. Life is too short to not eat the things we love.

Deprivation is what motivates us to eat when really we could have done without it. Next time you want something ask yourself do you actually want it or is it because you think you can’t have it?