Trust Your Senses


Although I do practical with with NLP, I also like to work holistically and I love to help people to clear their chakras, it brings to light areas that are blocked and causing hurt or confusion. These are the seven … Read More


I could put meditation under each of the nine headings and it would fit.  I have been taking people through guided meditations for years and there are so many benefits to health that I can’t even begin to list them. … Read More


There is no escaping Karma, but you can’t bring it on yourself.  If someone was done you wrong, then when the time is right then karma will step in. It is the same with goodness, I have seen many people … Read More


There’s no escaping energy, it’s all around us, it’s everywhere.  We too give out energy and like radio frequencies, we tune into the same vibrations. So if we give out happy vibes, we connect with the same, likewise if we … Read More

The Law of Attraction

I have read many books on this and I really believe it to be true.  You know that feeling when everything is gong well in life and you are on a high and then things just keep getting better and … Read More


You’ve heard the saying “be careful what you wish for” well it’s very true in many cases we don’t realise the power we actually have.  When you truly want something you can make it happen, if you look back then … Read More

Past Life Regression

A lot of people think Past Life Regression is about going into a previous lifetime – of course this can be the case, but many of us need this technique to go back along our current life line to discover … Read More

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression (FLP) about taking you into your future 5/10 years from now to see what you have going on.  It helps you to avoid things you don’t want and it helps you to bring what you do want … Read More

Extra Sensory Perception

Your senses tell you far more than you can possibly process however they are always looking to guide you in the right direction so pay attention to what you see hear and feel.

Listen to Your Gut Feeling

You know that feeling when you just know something?  We’ve all had it, a gut reaction, a sense that something is wrong or something is right?  That’s what I’m talking about, these senses can be developed with practice, listen to … Read More