How to Survive Moody Relationships

We have all met  moody people, or have been there ourselves, they tend to dominate the atmosphere and it can be uncomfortable, often times we feed this negative state when really we are trying to dispel it.  Here are some top line tips to think about when dealing with moody people.

Don’t be drawn in and give them the attention just because it’s easier, and stop the tip toeing around them.

Don’t think it’s you, although it may be implied you’ve done something wrong, you will act guilty and step even further into the web.  Just don’t take it personally.

Never reward moodiness for a quiet life, it will never stop.  If what you re doing doesn’t work, don’t keep doing it, change your tactics and stop giving the attention, walk away.

A moody person dictates the atmosphere which is a way of bullying, if you’re patient and empathy doesn’t work and you are constantly uncomfortable, then you need to ask yourself if you really need this person in your life.