Being grateful plays a large part in abundance, I can’t say enough that we get what we focus on and so if we focus on the good things, the things we have then we will get more and more of it.

Every single day there is something in your life to be grateful for the fact that we are alive, the friends in our lives, family, children, a roof over our heads, food in our stomach and clothes on our backs.  These are just the basics.

Then of course there is more, a good night out, the shopping trip, that bottle of wine in the fridge, the new relationship, the car passed its MOT, the children got good school reports, you got a raise, a new job, you enjoyed your game of football, your team won. ┬áThere’s tons of stuff

Never focus on what you don’t have our you will bring more of that.

Before you get up in the morning, and last thing at night, get into the habit of remembering with gratitude all that you have.