Financial Abundance

Most of us would like financial abundance, but some people are also afraid of it.  I know a few people who tell me they wish they had more money and are indeed capable of earning it, but then shrink away from it, because they think it will change them or they will be too busy working to enjoy it, or don’t want to be like the “superficial rich” or some eve say that they are not meant to have money.

These are fear based and will block the money from coming their way.

I listened to Jim Carey talking about how he carried around a fake cheque for $10 million because he believed that one day he would be earning that and in fact his first film made him that amount.

Tell yourself you are rich and that money is coming your way, imagine a full bank account, carry around a fake cheque, see cash pouring in through your letterbox, but above all believe you are worth it.