Don’t Say Diet

Deprivation and Diets

One of my clients said that dieting is deprivation followed by gorging followed by self loathing. Sad to say that I think she summed up dieting good and proper.  I always encourage people to eat what they love, never to … Read More


Our success with weight loss comes from our habits, what do you do when you come in from work?  Do you go straight to the fridge or cupboard?  Do you eat when you are cooking?  Do you finish your children’s … Read More

It’s All in The Mind

During my time helping people to lose weight, I’ve found that it’s very rarely about the food.  Most people are emotionally attached to food and if you can understand that then it becomes clear why we over eat and we … Read More

Mindful Eating

When you eat mindfully, you slow down the whole process and you become aware of what you are eating, you are able to savour each mouthful, and enjoy each second.  This makes eating a wholesome experience.

Taking Responsibility

When we go to a diet club, we hand over all responsibility for our eating, we say we’ve “been good” if we resist the temptation of forbidden food and we say we’ve “been bad” when we eat what we consider … Read More

Don’t forget breakfast!

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”  You’ve heard that many times yet still many of us ignore it and expect our bodies to keep us going throughout a whole day with no fuel.  Then because we are … Read More

Let go of your ‘eat it all’ habits

Are you using your body as a dustbin for left over food? Think twice before you eat the food you need to ‘get rid of’ it’s just an old habit. Throw it away instead – its very liberating.

Change the way you think

It’s easy to think one more biscuit won’t hurt, of course it won’t, however if you find you are doing that regularly it will all add up to weight gain. Change the way you think: Every time you stop eating … Read More

Understanding Why We Eat

I have been helping people to lose weight with Don’t Say Diet for about four years now and it has been very successful. Diets just don’t work, they fix a short term problem but they leave us with a bigger … Read More