Your Perception

The way you view yourself is so different from the way others view you and it’s the same the other way around.  You’ve heard the expression ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ well I can tell you that it only appears to be, so whilst you are busy thinking that everyone is better looking, thinner, happier, or more confident than you are then they are doing the same about you.

I once knew two sisters, one was single and lived alone, the other was married with children.   They didn’t really get on because they both resented each other, but because they didn’t communicate with each other, neither one knew.

The single one was envious of the fact her sister had a husband and children and a happy, bustling home life because she herself was sometimes lonely. The married sister was envious of the fact that her sister had freedom to come and go as she pleased, could afford to go out when she liked, have holidays and spare cash as she herself felt trapped in a loveless married with no spare money and no time to herself.

So remember that however you feel, there is always something in your life that someone else would like to have.