Friends and Family

If you are lucky enough to have a good set of friends and family who love you then you are truly blessed, however are you neglecting any of them?

These days life is busy, we hold down jobs, have children to care for and it’s easy to only see the people who are in our immediate circle.

Time is about priority and it’s easy to let people slip down the list even if you don;t mean to and before you know it you are sending another Christmas card but still have not seen them or phoned them.

Have a stop and think is there someone special who you’ve ;just not made time for? ┬áDon’t just ‘wish’ or ‘hope’ to see them or put it off until next year, make a plan today and stick to it. ┬áSchedule in time to make the phone call, or make the plan to meet up, you’ll be so glad you did