Motivation is at the centre of all action, here are some things to think about when looking for your purpose in life.

Be Happy

Understand your state of happiness.


If you need energy seek it out because its hard to stay motivated without it.

Caffeine doesn’t give you energy it makes you less tired.


This gives you confidence to stay on track, have the right things in.


Make sure you get support, keep yourself in good company.


This is crucial to staying motivated, reflect on how far you have come.

Focus on your goal

Make it big and vibrant and remember it all the time.

Get inspired

Find someone who has done what you want to do

Get excited

Think of how different it is this time and how good this journey is

There will be and ebb and flow

Motivation is not constant, its OK to have ups and downs, allow yourself a day off now and then. Call for help if you need it.

Focus on the benefits not the difficulties

Ie exercise, not how it will make you tired but what you will get out of it, how good and proud you will feel afterwards.

You Are What You Think

Monitor your thoughts all the time, recognise any negative self talk and change your language.