Abundance of Fun

Don’t allow your life to drag you down, make sure you laugh, feel joy, and have fun.  Don’t take yourself too seriously, what are you worried about?  What if someone laughs at something you do, if you trip or say something silly?  Most adults aren’t being cruel it’s natural to see the funny side of something, laugh along with them and double the fun.  You’ll have an amusing story to tell later and then you will spread the joy even further.

If you get down in the dumps, remember something that makes you smile or laugh, if you can’t do that then listen to the the collected clops of This Morning with Holly and Philip Schofield, I defy anyone to not at least smile when you hear them laugh.

Having a good old belly laugh doesn’t happen nearly enough, we should be doing it at least once a day, hang around with people who have the same sense of humour as you, and bring more of that into your life which by the way is too short to be serious.

Enjoy yourself