All Feelings Start With a Thought

Being either happy or sad is a choice and it starts with what is going on in your head.  You’ve heard the saying you get what you focus on, well it’s absolutely true.  If you feel sad it’s because you are thinking sad thoughts, dwelling on something that has happened, it brings you down and your whole body language changes.  Your frequencies become lower and you start attracting more of the same, before you know it you are in a bad place.


Well don’t worry (see what I did there?) It doesn’t have to be for long.


Just stop and concentrate on what you are thinking about, then think about something else, it can be anything, a flower you like, the last time someone was nice to you, a TV programme that made you laugh or even the colour of your front door.  It will stop your maudling thoughts and then you can start to build up brighter thoughts until you begin to feel better.